Zacpac Australasia – Product Packaging Manufacturers

Consultancy Services

Unlike other packaging companies, at Zacpac we have in depth experience in the packaging solutions industry. Our sales and consultancy staff can help you with any packaging solutions that you need.

Design Services

Zacpac provides our customers with innovative, protective and eye-popping packaging solutions designs. Even better, Zacpac designers are doing it in a way that’s increasingly sustainable!



When providing packaging solutions for you or your client’s products it is not always possible or desirable to rely on “theoretic” dimensions and then proceed to specify a carton or box based on the assumption that the carton or box will adequately protect and display the intended product well.


Paper packaging can be printed using Pantone © matched flexographic inks or printed four colour process using lithographic ink varnished or unvarnished or with special coatings. Our design department can advise you on the best method to achieve the results you require for your products with the best packaging solutions for your product.


With quality being our main focus when manufacturing we are an accredited company under ISO 9001 – 2008.


Because of our commitment to quality we use the finest quality materials that are available whilst remaining price competitive.


Commonly used styles include:

  • Regular Style Container
  • Half Slotted Container
  • Scored and Slotted Trays
  • Crash Bottom
  • Five Panel Folder
  • Fittings


Corrugated board is manufactured to different specifications called “grades”. These grades have a different strength and thickness (caliper) obtained from using different weights of paper in the make up of each grade and different flutes.

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