The power of giving sends a lot of positive things. Having it wrapped in nicely designed boxes would mean a lot more. Creativity is our name, we got your back!

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We Recycle.

Let us not abuse the gift of nature. We believe how recycling helps.

Zac Pac does its business with the ultimate goal to reduce the logging of trees in the forests. Recycling is one way to help and this has been part of our work discipline ever since we started the idea of helping people find the ideal way of making and using gift wrappers and packing parcels and boxes.

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a pile of cardboards
Warehouse or storage
two packages for the holidays

Simple Ideas Coming to Life While Saving the Nature!

We are used to be known in the business for providing packaging solutions to big companies in exchange of bigger profits. We are trying to change how things work this time.


Innovation, protection and eye-catching packaging solutions are what we offer. Moreso, sustainability will always be a priority in our masterpieces.


We still use the finest quality materials, in exchange of very low profits and yet competitive prive prices in the market.


As a quality dependent manufacturer, the basis of our ISO 9001 accreditation since 2008 is still intact.


Our in-depth experience in the packaging solutions industry will surely help you with your personal projects and campaigns.




“Finding a piece of very resourceful information helped me established my small business for years, and ZacPac has been giving a handful of help I need! ”

Shanti V., Entrepreneur

“ZacPac has been helping us make our campaigns always a success. It's good to work with an organization that has the same values when it comes to saving the earth in some small ways.”

Paul Williams, Volunteer