Australian Packaging Company Trends

The Australian government has long held the view that for the company’s packaging manufacturers to remain competitive on the global arena they should embrace innovation to give them a competitive edge over other manufacturers.

ZacPac, a NSW based Australian packaging company had done just that, embraced innovation and in return, this Australian packaging firm have successfully been able to stay ahead of their competition in the areas of product design and development. At the same time helping their customers with their packaging needs while benefiting from the company’s highly efficient manufacturing systems.

This 100% Australian owned packaging company is very proud to say that they have been producing quality products that are genuinely Australian since 1964. Australian packaging manufacturer, ZacPac, has worked with hundreds of Australian businesses helping them in both local and international markets.

In 2013, ZacPac together with the rest of the Australian packaging industry firmly believe in responsible packaging and with the New Year comes several trends. These include:

man working with a forklift
  • Many Australian packaging manufacturers will see an influx of clean machines that are designed to help drive OEM growth and at the same time meet new government and environmental regulations.
  • This year, Australian packaging companies will see a great advancement in digital printing.
  • Interactive and intelligent packaging will likewise become more affordable and increase on a commercial scale.
  • Packaging companies will increase their new processes to look at risk and anticipatory problems.
  • More and more Australian packaging companies look to increase the percentage of their growth which will be driven by innovative packaging.
  • Companies will recognise the importance of customer insights for packaging, how it can differ and manufacturers can expect more vital information from suppliers.
  • The power of social media will finally give not just Australian packaging companies but the rest of the industry the opportunity for packaging to move forward.
  • Sustainable packaging will become more and more transparent and synchronised.
  • lastly, for the years to come, Australian packaging manufacturers will experience a tremendous expansion of flexible packaging both in new markets and categories worldwide.

With innovation being the cornerstone of this Australian packaging firm’s culture, ZacPac’s customers and clients are able to remain ahead of their competitors. True to its mission, this Australian packaging company will continue to prove high-quality packaging materials that meet the needs of its customers with the guarantee of giving high-performance products backed by excellent after-sales services.