We’re gaining HACCP certification

We’re gaining HACCP certification

Over the years, the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points or HACCP’s idea has continuously spread especially in the food industry and soon enough new laws will be passed requiring not just food manufacturers but also packaging manufacturers to comply with its concept.

With this development Australian packaging companies like ZACPAC have embraced the idea of running their plant with a well-designed HACCP plan, aside from being ISO Certified, making it a part of their selling point, not to mention the benefits it provides to its clients.

Being HACCP compliant allows this Australian packaging firm to determine the plant’s critical control points, form critical limits for each point, launch a system to monitor control of these points, put up corrective actions to be implemented, establish verification procedures and document accordingly.

What benefits will HACCP provide to Australian Packaging Firms and their Clients?

HACCP is basically all about risk management, and since Zacpac is in the business of providing durable and safe packaging materials which are being used by several food industries in Australia, it is the next step for this Australian packaging firm to adopt the HACCP’s system.

With a well-established HACCP plan Australian packaging company Zacpac can now determine critical control points and know when and how a foreign object can enter the food, or how improperly made packaging materials like boxes and cartons can affect the quality of the client’s products. Moreover, HACCP can help the Zacpac Australian packaging company to reduce waste and rework, improve their reputation, increase their efficiency and competitiveness and enhance product consistency. These in effect will also help their clients by letting them know that food safety is their main concern making their products relatively safe, not to mention that it will increase their level of competitiveness and improve their Return On Investment (ROI) and their efficiency.

Requirement’s for HACCP certification:

In order for an Australian packaging manufacturing company like ZACPAC to build a HACCP safety system the following pre-requisites are required:

Equipment being used in manufacturing needs to be calibrated or regulated in order to attain consistency in its operations. The equipment must likewise be at par with the industry standard.

Just like any businesses, Australian packaging firms must develop their own cleaning schedule and document it to show how serious they are towards cleanliness.

Accepted Suppliers:
An approved supplier program must at all times be employed by all Australian packaging companies in order to realise safe and consistent quality of raw materials being purchased by their plant.

All employees working for an Australian packaging company which aims to be compliant, must be trained on food safety and product quality and this process properly documented.

GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices):
Aside from being trained, workers, especially those who have an impact on food safety and product quality must undergo training in hygiene, cleaning and approved methods of performing tasks that may affect product durability.

With major supply chains now being conscious about food and product safety, Australian packaging companies are now serious in implementing various measures in order to show and demonstrate to their clients how serious and willing they are to supply safe and quality packaging products all the time.