Cardboard Box E-commerce Packaging Trends 2016

Cardboard Box E-commerce Packaging Trends 2016

2016’s focus is centred around cardboard box packaging that develops relationships with the end consumer.

For online shops and brands that do not have a physical store, they are now investing in unique, premium packaging printed with their brand and social media details, in addition they are now opting for different shapes of cardboard packaging that suits the product and distinguishes them from the competition.

It is all about creating that great first impression with your customer, gone are the days of the plain, brown box packaging.

Attractive and unique packages do not have to cost a fortune. Zacpac has many options for you to choose from and works with you to create an affordable package design that enhances the online customer experience.

Shopify, a leader in e-commerce online stores goes into specific details regarding the importance of trunkthe right packaging for your products and brands. Importance of packaging for your brand

In the Shopify article there are great examples of unique cardboard packaging which include Trunk Club

Trunk Club has taken the customer unboxing experience to the next level.  From the moment it arrives the client’s door they will be eager to open their package.

Another company that takes the unboxing of their products very seriously is Birch Box

Would you like to offer your customers this kind of experience?

Contact us today so our team can assist you to design a box that will leave your customers with a memorable experience.

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Images for example purposes only and these boxes are not manufactured by Zacpac, sources Birch Box and Trunk Club