How Do Customers View Your Brand?

How Do Customers View Your Brand?

Zacpac was recently featured in an article on CMO which discussed how consumers and customers view a brand based on the brands sustainable packaging practices, which is becoming a very hot topic.

“FMCG packaging company, Zacpac, has also noticed recycling and sustainability practices playing an increasing important part in business decisions when choosing the right packaging manufacturer.

“This has become more and more relevant over the last 12 – 18 months and is exactly why we wanted our Queensland manufacturing plant to be among the most modern and environmentally friendly in Australia,” Zacpac marketer, Charmaine Thring, says. “Our clients are assured that that everything that rolls off the production line is recyclable. And all our unsold product is pulped and recycled, which of course means our end users can recycle them too.”

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Zacpac clients can be assured that they will retain customer loyalty through partnering with Zacpac to produce customised sustainable packaging in which to package and deliver their products to retailers or their end users.