Innovative Cardboard Box Manufacturing For Flow Hive Australia

Innovative Cardboard Box Manufacturing For Flow Hive Australia

Australian packaging company Zacpac is pleased to announce that they are producing the packaging for Australia’s newest innovation in beekeeping, the Flow Hive. This new product, was created by a father and son from Byron Bay and revolutionises the beekeeping process.

Hive2Zacpac is currently producing the ‘Flow Frame’ packaging at their new Stapylton Factory, located north of the Gold Coast. They are also in the process of devising and manufacturing the packaging for the ‘Flow Hive’. The cardboard boxes used for the ‘Flow Frames’ are made on Zacpac’s new corrugator and allow for inner, outers and spacers made completely of recyclable material and the cardboard that has been used is the highest grade of recycled paper.

The cardboard inner holds the “Flow Frame”, the outer cardboard carton is flexo printed and protects the product for shipment worldwide and the inner spacer was created to hold the hat, handle and manuals.

The Andersons, with their Flow Hive product initially planned on having to piece together and box 100 or so beehives. After the overnight success of their Indiegogo crowdfunding, the final order was in the vicinity of 20,000, and is growing rapidly. Zacpac is pleased to be able to partner with these inventive Australian’s and continue to support and build Australian industries by manufacturing environmentally friendly cardboard boxes.

The success of this Australian duo, Stu and Cedar Anderson was highlighted by their amazing story in the crowdfunding community of Indiegogo. After offering up their proposed product, the Flow Hive, to the community, their goal of raising $70, 000 in one month was realised after just eight minutes.

It was the largest international campaign ever on Indiegogo, setting a record for the most funds raised in 24hours. By the time the campaign ended, they had raised US$12.2million.

Flow Hive HoneyThis inventive new product essentially creates honey on tap from your beehive. The ‘Flow Frames’ consist of partly formed honeycomb cells. The bees complete the comb with their wax, then fill the cells with honey before finally capping the cells. Once ready to harvest, using a special tool, you split the cells vertically so the honey can flow out. The bees remain undisturbed in this process.

Stu and Cedar Anderson, the father son team responsible for the creation of the ‘Flow Hive’ took ten years to devise their system. With three specific goals in mind, they hope they will keep ahead of the game. They want to ensure staff are happy and motivated and excited about their work, stay on top of the patent and copyright side of the business, and ensure that the product is “not only good quality, but seen to be good quality.”

These goals were a large deciding factor for choosing to partner with Australian businesses as much as possible. The added benefit being that, having production in Brisbane, the Andersons are able to closely oversee the creation of their product, from start to finish.

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