“Kitty Thunder Down Under”

“Kitty Thunder Down Under”

Zacpac has partnered with a local Brisbane company to manufacture the environmentally friendly kitty litter system, Poopy Cat! This innovative kitty litter product is disposable, biodegradable and ships to your door.

catZacpac has worked closely on the design of the cardboard packaging needed for the Poopy Cat system and is governed by an international patent. The Poopy Cat boxes are two colour flexographic print with a die cut as they are designed to pop up. Zacpac also manufactures the shipping, shelf ready carton that contains the month’s supply of Poopy Cat litter boxes. All of the packaging for this product is biodegradable and easily disposable.

The original concept came from Europe and Poopy Cat found they had to alter the size of the box due to Australian Cats being larger than those the box was originally designed for. In consultation with the RSPCA, the correct dimensions were designed to allow for a larger cat to ‘turn around’ when doing their business in the box.

There are 4 different themes printed with different images and colours on the Poopy Cat boxes. The clever slogans on each box include ‘Kitty Thunder Box Downunder’, which are Australian themed, featuring images of the Sydney Opera House and other Australian icons. ‘I’m just powdering my nose’ is French themed. ‘Nature calls in the jungle’ has imagery from the jungle and the final box is titled ‘Take a leak in the big apple’, and has images of New York.

Poopy cat is the perfect solution for cat owners who don’t want to handle kitty litter. It is a complete replacement for the traditional litter box and litter and offers a lower environmental footprint. It is a pop-up box that comes flat, with the kitty litter already inside. It allows a cat owner to simply unfold the box and the litter is ready to use. Poopy Cat can be ordered online http://www.poopycat.com/au/foldingbox

The shipping box comes with 4 litter boxes inside that are used for one week each. Once finished with, the box is folded down and thrown away with the kitty litter inside. The Poopy Cat litter box is 100% biodegradable. In comparison with many traditional litters the complete Poopy Cat (including both box and litter) has a lower environmental impact.

An Australian company located in Brisbane owns Poopy Cat and Zacpac is pleased to partner with local Australian businesses to further our Australian industry and jobs.

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