How to get your product on supermarket shelves

How to get your product on supermarket shelves

Supermarkets provide clear details on how products are to be delivered to them and Zacpac has vast experience in designing and manufacturing shelf ready packaging SRP.

Originally introduced in Europe and the UK, Australian supermarkets have now adopted the practices and if you want your product to make the shelves then packaging is more important than you may have realised.

In addition to retailers benefiting, you can also benefit as SRP can protect your products through distribution and look fantastic on the shelf.  Retailers including Aldi, Coles and Woolworths, have created guidelines on how SRP should be done — the “five easies”

Coles have even provided a detailed Retail Ready Packaging ToolKit that you can refer to for your business and we have provided their list of the “Five Easies” below for your quick reference.



Easy to Identify:

Easy identification assists the choice of the correct product and rotation of stock through the supply chain with particular emphasis on the distribution centre, back of store and shelf replenishment processes. Packaging should clearly communicate what is inside and assist store personal identify product in crowded and congested back rooms. This communication should be visible on more than one side to maximise sight lines and identification. Packaging should be easily identified as retail ready.

Easy to Open:

The packaging should facilitate easier and quicker replenishment processes. It should allow for easy opening in one or two steps preferably without the aid of tools such as knives. The opening process should be intuitive: store personnel should be able to see how to open, how to use and how to dispose.

Easy to Shelve:

RRP should enable quicker, faster and simpler replenishment processes than decanting individual product. Without this requirement being met, the solution is not fit for the purpose. The packaging must be strong enough to maintain the integrity of the consumer units through the supply chain.

Easy to Shop:

The RRP should not create any barriers to purchase. The shopper should be able to easily select and return the product if they choose. The RRP should allow the shopper to easily identify the brand, product and variant whilst not hindering their ability to self-select. Colours and on pack messages should assist shoppers in fast identification and product selection.

Easy to Dispose:

Packaging materials chosen should be recyclable or re-usable and appropriate logos should be displayed on the base panel. For products with multiple packaging type materials should be easily separated for recycling. Packaging should be easy to stack and remove from store aisles.