A Global First

A Global First

Zacpac an Australian packaging company takes pride in itself for being the first Australian packaging company not only in Australasia, but in the whole world, to manufacture corrugated boxes using the Marquip Ward United’s brand new concept Flexo Folder Gluer Rotary Die Cutting machine.

The Ward is a four colour flexo folder gluer and rotary die cutter in line with full stripping, with an automatic pre-feeder and counter ejector plus pallet stacker, all rolled into one. Designed to address today’s need in the world of the corrugated market, the Flexo Folder Gluer was built to be dependable, durable and efficient, and despite its huge size, this machine can do anything from large to small boxes, RSC’s to Litho Laminated Die cuts, making it the world’s first brand to integrate three machines into one.

The Ward Flexo machine is also fully automated, making it ideal for either large or small runs. The print quality is superb and with the continuous vacuum folder it provides more accuracy in folding square boxes. Moreover, the Flexo Folder Gluer machine is capable of performing not just simple and basic designs, but also elaborate die cutting.

With the Flexo Folder Gluer, Zacpac (Australasia) Pty Ltd, an Australian packaging company is able to produce more setups and more units of boxes on a per shift basis, not to mention the accuracy and the reliability of the down stacking counter ejector of the Flexo Folder Gluer machine eliminating unnecessary downtime and wastages.


To ensure that the machine was properly installed and commissioned at the Australian packaging plant, MWU’s top engineers & technical team were on site at installation to ensure that the Australian packaging team was trained in all aspects of the new machine.

With the Flexo Folder Gluer machine, Australian packaging company, Zacpac, has increased their output in making generic corrugated boxes and litho laminated boxes which they manufacture for the wine industry and also for multiple applications ranging from household needs to packaged produce. In effect the machine has increased the efficiency of this Australian packaging firm in meeting the demands for corrugated boxes, RSC and HSC style boxes among others.