Zacpac Australasia at the Fine Foods Queensland Exhibition

Zacpac Australasia at the Fine Foods Queensland Exhibition

Zacpac Australasia exhibited at the Fine Food Queensland exhibition in April 2014 where they showcased their custom packaging solutions for the Queensland food industry.

The Zacpac display included hundreds of different style regular cartons, litho laminated boxes and display stands made from corrugated cardboard. This allowed attendees to pick up the boxes, view the different styles and discuss their needs with the Zacpac sales team.

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Zacpac design and manufacture corrugated cardboards boxes, litho laminated boxes, shelf ready packaging (SRP) and cardboard display stands.

Corrugated cardboard boxes are mainly used to ship goods from the manufacturers production line to customer outlets. This style carton is the most economical and designed to transport goods and is utilised in particular for the food and beverage industry.


For marketing purposes litho laminated boxes are a fantastic choice as they are printed with high-resolutionimages, which attract the consumers attention on supermarket shelves.

Experts in shelf ready packaging (SRP) Zacpac produce SRP with innovative designs, which are often used when launching new product lines. They are easy to open and display which improves in store efficiency.

Made from corrugated cardboard, display stands can be produced with the a range of printing choices that include, flexo graphic, litho graphic, UV coated and silk screened.


Over 6000 people attended this year’s Fine Foods Queensland event which was held at the Brisbane Convention Centre.