Zacpac family owned and run, secrets to success.

Zacpac family owned and run, secrets to success.

Zacpac Australasia is an independently owned and run family business that boasts 69 years in the paper and packaging industry.

It is no secret that this Australian packaging company owes it’s success to remaining a family owned and run company and this has instilled the same culture in the company with their employees which are actually extended family members.

Zacpac has a proven track record of maintaining long term partnerships with their clients. Trust is a crucial element of business it’s solidified in this family run business as everyone is committed and involved in the success of the business. As they say “blood is thicker than water.”

Mr Ed Zac, CEO and founder who is celebrating his 90th birthday in Sept ,started in this industry when he was 21.  Following in the his footsteps are;

  • John Zac General Manager and Director – son of Ed Zac
  • James Foran Customer Relations Manager and grandson
  • Jarred Shine Production planning – great grandson
  • Pat (Zac) Simmons Sales Manager
  • Mark Zac Production Manager
  • Andrew Zac Sales Representative Qld
  • Rod Foran Sales Representative NSW – James’ Father
  • Daniel Thistelton Sales Representative Central Coast – Grandson

Like no other company ,you can have direct access to these family key decision makers when dealing with Zacpac Australasia you are speaking directly to people that can make the crucial decisions. Speed is an additional advantage of working with a family owned and run business as a new idea or project can be discussed one minute and implemented immediately. Speed is more important than ever when responding to today’s market conditions and competitors.

All Companies face losing their competitive edge when leaders lose touch with the youth market. A smart family business brings in the next generation and utilised their skills to add to the business. Not only is this evident within the Zac family it is also reflected in the many generations of family members that work at Zacpac in addition to the length of time that employees work at Zacpac.

Take for example the 28 valued employees and extended family members that have worked at Zacpac for over 10 years.

Van and Tan are brother in laws and work with the die cutting machines. Antoun’s commenced with Zacpac in 1996 and works as a quality inspector and his daughter works as process worker.

Somphet and his partner Komon work on the afternoon shift in various places as required as they are multi skilled andSefilino and his cousins Lulio and George enjoying working together.

Solidarity within the Zac family has clearly influenced their staff members and the main goal is to help the family business win and since all the staff are treated as part of the family this makes the process of getting things done much faster.

Zacpac possess a unique work atmosphere that employees like, resulting in long term employment and employee satisfaction. Who can argue with this as Phenevilay and his wife Nouphone work together, not to mention Paul Skulski, his wife June and their son Alex all love working at Zacpac.

Family businesses look at different scenarios and control their fate and that of their employees. They are in direct control of the business and this is what makes Zacpac unique as they enjoy working with each other on a day to day basis as do the other families that work for Zacpac.

Succession is an important factor of a family-owned business as it does not easily die out and is preserved since it can be passed on to the next generation. In addition to providing job opportunities to its family members Zacpac Australasia serves as a good training ground for the younger members of the family who stand to inherit the business in the future.

Zacpac will celebrate 69 years in the paper and packaging industry in September and is growing the family business with the building of a brand new manufacturing and distribution facilities in Staplyton Queensland due to be fully operational in February 2014.