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Proper packing of the plumbing parts and accessories is crucial, especially during transportation. Most of the plumbing products are brittle and would not stand large impacts when transporting. There are so many packing options available for plumbing parts and accessories, but corrugate boxes have been the best option for many.  

Corrugated boxes are widely popular for packing purposes because of their lightweight yet sturdy properties. They are formed by sandwiching arched or fluted paper between liner boards made from heavy papers. You can get a range of these boxes based on their density and thickness properties. 

The choice of corrugated cardboard is determined by the plumbing parts and accessories. These boxes pack anything you can think of, including heavy plumbing products. What matters is the strength and thickness of the box.  

Factor To Consider For Reliable Corrugated Boxes 

There are essential things you need to consider when selecting corrugated boxes for packing plumbing parts and accessories. You need to know the best box that suits the requirements for specific plumbing products. Can the corrugated box withstand the weight of the part and the size? In this guide, we are going to look at some of the main factors to consider for reliable corrugate boxes: 

1. Size 

The length, width, and height of the corrugated box are crucial factors to consider. For the packed products to be safe to carry around, they must adequately fit in the box. Depending on the size of the product, you need to get the correct box size. Make sure you have given the item enough space inside the box as recommended by the manufacturer. A perfect size should keep the product firmly in place inside the box without moving.  

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2. Material Quality 

The other thing that to consider is the quality of the material used for the corrugated box construction. The material should be tough enough to withstand demanding conditions. You need to check the edge crush strength of the box. If the box is crushed at a cross-direction angle, can it withstand the fall? That’s why it recommended that you check the corrugated box’s edge crush force to ensure that you are getting the best quality. However, the product to be packed should be the factor determining the quality of the box. 

3.  Burst Strength 

The burst strength of the corrugated box is the strength of the box when subjected to pressure. It is an essential factor as it determines the amount of weight that the box can handle without bursting. Getting this factor right is vital because it greatly determines the weight of the plumbing parts and accessories the box can handle. This will reduce the risk of accidents and damage to the product, especially when loading or offloading boxes. 

4. Water Resistance 

This is crucial to consider for reliable packing of plumbing parts and accessories using corrugated boxes. Water-resistance greatly determines the quality of the box. Water accidents can happen in the warehouse or during transportation hence the need to get it right. If the box is permeable to moisture, it means the plumbing parts and accessories inside it can get damaged. Check the water-resistance of the glue and sealing lines of a corrugated board as well. The higher the water resistance, the better. 

5. Rigidity 

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Rigidity is another crucial factor to consider when checking the reliability of the corrugated packing box. The density and thickness of the box are some of the main properties that determine rigidity. Other things will also determine the kind of rigidity you need in the packing box. One of them is the kind of plumbing product you are packing. If the part is delicate and heavy, the packing box should have a higher thickness for better padding. Ensure you have checked the size and the weight of the plumbing part to get suitable rigidity. 

6. Puncture Resistance 

Another essential factor you need to consider for reliable use of the corrugated boxes is puncture resistance. You need to check how much resistance the box can offer to sharp, solid objects. This is very important because the more resistant the box is to the penetration of sharp objects, the better. The puncture resistance property is also determined by the strength and the sturdiness of the corrugated cardboard. There are factors that you need to put into consideration to get suitable puncture resistance. 

7. Chemicals Resistance 

The chemicals resistance is a property you need to check in the corrugation box. This information you can get from the chemical analysis test from the manufacturer. The packed products are always prone to chemicals in the warehouse and during transportation. Some of the harsh chemicals can cause severe damages to the packed parts and accessories. That’s why you need to get the results for chemical analysis to see whether the products can withstand the chemicals they get exposed to. The moisture content and pH of the corrugated cardboard are also crucial factors to check. 

8. Compression Resistance 

The compression resistance is the amount of force that a corrugated box can withstand. It is a very crucial factor to consider. Considering that you will load a number of these boxes on the same vehicle, they will withstand the compression force exerted on them. If you are arranging three to five boxes, the box at the bottom must offer high resistance to the compression force. If not, it will collapse. It is a critical factor because of storage and transportation. 

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9. Paint Durability 

This may not have anything to do with the packed plumbing product, but it’s crucial for display and marketing. The print should last for the longest time possible or until the products get to the customer. Check the method used for printing because it determines the quality of the print. Rub proof test or scuff resistance test is crucial to ensure the print work’s quality and durability. 


Corrugated boxes are the best option for packing plumbing products. However, you need to get quality boxes for reliable plumbing parts and accessories. If you need help, contact these top rated plumber Eastern, Sydney. They have vast experience packing plumbing parts using corrugate boxes. 

floral green lamination print

Litho laminated packaging is a particular procedure which prints litho graphics on the leading sheet of a cardboard or corrugated board. While there are various factors your business might desire to utilize this type of box, we have actually put together the leading 5 advantages of litho laminated packaging.

#1- Branding and Advertising

One of the biggest benefits of litho laminated packaging is for branding and advertising. Selecting bright colors for your package immediately attracts attention from consumers, and makes your brand more memorable. You can also have your logo, tag line and social media details printed directly on the box, further solidifying your brand and bringing your business to the front of their mind.

#2 – Competitive Advantage

An added advantage of having a vibrant color or a catchy phrase on your package is that it instantly gives you a leg-up against your competition. Research shows that people are more attracted to visuals rather than text alone, and your package will draw them in over other packages that are plain and dull. The colors and graphics will draw attention to your product, further distancing yourself and your brand from your rivals.

#3 – Durable and Reliable

While highlighting your brand and company are important, your reputation can only be strong if your packages are durable and reliable. Litho laminated boxes are suitable for both heavy and lightweight products, no matter what volume or purpose you need the package for.

fizzbizz box litho laminated

#4 – Cost Effective

Another top benefit of litho laminated packaging is that it is extremely cost-effective, regardless of the volume of the product. Due to its versatility, litho lamination is a great investment for companies as it can be used for other items such as cardboard retail signs, floor-stand displays, and point-of-purchase displays.

#5 – Recyclable

Last, but not least, litho laminated packages are made from materials that are environmentally friendly and recyclable. Once the package has been used, it can be recycled into other products, such as tissues, paperboards, or even magazines and books. You are not only directly benefiting your company when you use litho laminated packages, but you are also benefiting the environment.

There are many benefits for using litho laminated packages within your company. Whether your main focus is on promoting your brand and increasing awareness, having simple ways to market and advertise, choosing the most cost-effective product that will benefit the environment, or simply having a package that is durable and will get the job done, litho laminated boxes are the best way to go.

Ready to learn more about litho laminated packages and how they can benefit your business?

Contact us today!

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The food and beverage packaging trends for 2020 are a reflection of our fast moving global world. The major trends encompass bringing a better consumer experience whilst not compromising on business profitability.

Shelf- Ready Packaging

To cut down on costs and warehousing, companies are pushing for more and more shelf ready packaging. As retailers in Australia such as Coles and Woolworths move further down the path towards requiring shelf-ready packaging from their external suppliers, both companies say they need to consider the change in their role in the retail sector as they are forced to consider the store environment more than the distribution centre and back-room storage areas.

Woolworths’ ‘Five Easys’: easy to identify; easy to open; easy to shelf; easy to shop; and easy to dispose are the bench mark for the shelf-ready packaging movement. With the emergence of these philosophies by Woolworths, smaller companies are being all but forced to adapt by the big players in the industry.

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Custom Packaging

Another packaging trend for 2020 is the greater utilisation of custom packaging with the rise of niche markets and products. The ability for companies to create custom boxes for food packaging by making use of manufacturers shorter runs allows for much greater flexibility.

Technological advances in printing with processes such as litho-laminated boxes becoming more accessible mean that the packaging industry can now create more personalised packaging for products with a short turn around.

The ability to combine short runs and custom packaging means that products will be brought onto the market more quickly than ever before.

Functional Design Packaging Solutions

With the drive for shelf-ready packaging increasing, and the speed at which products can now be created and ready for sale, the need for functional and consumer based packaging also becomes more important.

With our fast moving world and the emergence of an everyday reliability on technology, more are more people are eating and drinking on the go, often times, one handed (their smart phone in the other). Food and beverage package design needs to facilitate the ability for consumers to ingest whilst walking. For example, ideal beverage packaging design would include openings that produce a smooth and even stream as well as closures that seal tightly to prevent spillage.

Not only this, with the emergence of the selfie, consumers are more and more aware of the fact that they may be photographed at any time. This has caused more emphasis on image than there has ever been before. The smart phone held in one hand is judged equally by the food or beverage product in the other.

Function as well as style of products then becomes a significant factor in purchasing habits for those image conscious. Packaging design needs to reflect the importance that style plays with modern consumers, who increasingly have food and drinks in hand everywhere, at all times.

Young couple unpacking cardboard boxes at new home moving in concept

Environmentally-Friendly Design

Another packaging trend for 2015 is the importance of understanding the consumers concern for the environment and the role this plays in purchasing habits.

Every person in our modern world understands the importance of taking care of our planet. “Recent years have seen us leave an increasingly negative impact on it, which is why more and more companies are working towards introducing eco-friendly packaging solutions.”

An emphasis on reusable packaging and recyclable packaging materials is a primary way that companies can keep atop of this trend, better serve their customers and have greater appeal for the consumer.

By making packaging that serves more than one purpose and is reusable, companies show much needed concern for our environment. Utilising recyclable materials such as paper and cardboard (as well as many others) is also an important factor in appealing to consumers environmental fears.

Cardboard boxes and cardboard packaging is where it begins for the consumer to get involved with recycling but it’s also important for packaging companies to realise their role in creating and maintaining sustainable practices within their day to day operations.


The emergence of goals that encompass improving sustainability in manufacturing processes has seen reduced production costs, greater supply chain engagement, improved ability to anticipate future risks and opportunities, and improved staff satisfaction. These benefits coupled with the consumers environmental concern is seeing that the objective for companies is not just sustainable manufacturing and packaging, but sustainable living on earth.

There is a push towards all new products, including their packaging, needing to be planned with the full consideration of sustainability. This starts with the raw materials, goes through to the manufacturing and usage efficiency and includes the planned recovery of all the waste or unused portions of the product and its packaging.

Wholesale Packaging and Supply Chain Management

Another concern for companies in the packaging industry is improving on supply chain management. The commercial advantages of creating more integrated, collaborative, co-operative and long-term procedures to the supply chain will see that companies experience reduced costs, higher profitability and a competitive advantage.

The manufacturers and users of packaging will become much more closely involved. This close relationship will see greater profitability with the ability of manufacturers to stay ahead of packaging innovation and design as well as identifying changes in market trends.

Supply chain strategic alliances will become more common. The companies that are the most advanced in the management of the supply chain are likely to be the most successful and profitable.

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Since its arrival, Amazon definitely striked the nation by storm upon its launch and you certainly need to be prepared if you wish to work with this company. You can begin your preparation by making sure you understand all the product packaging and preparation requirements of the business. You would also wish to forward the details to your supplier(s) so they can adhere to those too when you have actually completed setting your standards.

Amazon came to Australia with a 24,000 square metre warehouse in Dandenong South, Melbourne, and if you still plan to become one of its retailers, you must know the package and prep requirements ahead.

Things You Need To Know Before Selling On Amazon

Amazon Australia is certainly a good venue for local business owners to widen their customer base and boost their sales. However, to ensure that your products are primed for Amazon success, you have to know the basics first.

#1 – Understanding The Buy Box and How You Can Take Advantage of It As A Seller

That much-coveted yellow box that buyer clicks in the Amazon platform can be pretty hard to win. This is because multiple sellers are allowed to offer the same item. You have to become a featured seller to earn your huge share on this market, which is not easy either.

To become a featured seller, you must religiously abide to the best practices in e-commerce. Amazon puts a lot of weight on a lot of factors offered by the merchant including competitive pricing, lesser competition, positive selling history, and seller reviews.

#2 – What Does Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) Means?

Fulfillment by Amazon means sending over your merchandise to an Amazon fulfillment centre as stocks. The company then takes care of shipping the item when somebody buys from you online. This is going to be discussed further later in this post.

#3 – You May Not Be Compensated Accordingly for Shipping

You may be surprised being reimbursed by Amazon an incorrect amount of shipping fee, sometimes lesser than its actual cost. This happens because the company determines the shipping value based on the origin of the product, where it is going, and the given weight of it.

Another thing about shipping is that you may not be initially allowed to offer a 2-day shipping option. This is a badge you need to earn by having a consistent fast shipping history.

woman holding cardboard box

#4 – There Are Policies You Must Understand Prior To Selling on Amazon

Selling on Amazon can be very profitable specifically if you understand the terms and conditions of the platform. You may want to review its values policies beforehand including:

  • Product Detail Page Rules
  • Shipping Policies
  • Policies and Agreements
  • Selling Policies
  • Prohibited Seller Activities and Actions

#5 – The Types of Merchants That Benefit The Most In Amazon

There are particular merchants who do well on Amazon and you might one to be one of them:

  • Merchants selling a hobby or niche products
  • Merchants who produce their own products
  • Merchants who sell used or refurbished products

#6 – FBA Policies and Requirements

In order to qualify for Fulfilment by Amazon, there are certain policies and requires you must comply with.

FBA Product Restrictions

It is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the fulfillment process before listing your products for FBA. Failure to comply with the preparation requirements, product restrictions, and safety requirements can result to a number of penalties. These include disposal of your inventory, return of your inventory, refusal of your inventory at the Amazon fulfillment centre, blocking of future shipments to the Amazon warehouse, and being charged for non-compliance.

Some items have specific requirements before it can be sold on Amazon. Moreover, there are also product restrictions. Below are the links to these:

#7 – Amazon Product Requirements and Restrictions

FBA Product Requirements and Restrictions

  • FBA Prohibited Products
  • Date and Temperature-Sensitive Products

Hazardous Materials and Dangerous Goods

  • Hazardous Materials Identification Guide
  • Which Amazon Products Might Be Hazards?
  • Request to Upload MSDS Documents

#8 – Shipping and Routing Requirements

Amazon is very particular with boxing requirements. Make sure you comply with these requirements before sending the packed products to the Amazon fulfilment centre, whether it is a full truckload (FTL), less than a truckload (LTL), or small parcel delivery.

Here are the links to the guidelines you need to have your carrier or vendors informed about:

  • Shipping Matrix
  • Packaging and Shipping Inventory to Amazon
measuring boxes

Box Dimensions

• +++Boxes of multiple standard-sized units should not exceed 25” on all sides. A box can only exceed this 25” limit if the measurement of the unit is longer than this. Excessively large boxes containing oversized units can be subject to additional fees, restriction to inbounding privileges, or refusal at the Amazon fulfilment centre.+++

Read more about the weight and measurement requirements (you must sign in to access).

Box Contents

  • Inventory from a single shipment ID should be contained in one box. Units from multiple shipments cannot be put together in one box. The shipment ID can be found on the shipment summary page.
  • Double check if the physical shipment to the Amazon Fulfilment Centre matches with the shipment details listed in your seller account including:
  • Merchant SKU
  • Condition
  • Quantity Shipped
    +Packing Option (see guidelines for individually packed or cased packed)

Box Weight

If you plan to utilize an Amazon-partnered carrier, you must accurately weigh and measure pallets and boxes. This will ensure that correct values are supplied for each shipment.

  • Each box must not exceed the weight limit of 50 lb. unless it contains an oversized unit weighing more than 50 lb.
  • When a box contains an oversized unit weighing more than 50 lb., don’t forget to label the top and sides of the box with “Team Lift”.
  • In cases when a box contains and oversized unit weighing more than 100 lbs., label the tops and sides of the box with “Mech Lift”.
  • Boxes that contain jewelry or watches should not be over 40 lb.

#9 – Shipment Packing Guidelines

You may see full information about packing individual units here.


  • “Gaylords”, which refer to point-of-sale containers or pallet-sized boxes can be used.
  • Boxes are not allowed to be bundled together using extra straps, taping, elastic, or bagging.
  • Re-using boxes from previous shipments are allowed provided you remove all prior labels so as not to confuse the carrier.
  • When re-using a retail box that contains a smaller different product, do not forget to remove scannable barcodes on the exterior to prevent confusion during the receiving process.

The acceptable standard boxes are:

  • Regular slotted carton
  • ECT-32 (edge crush test)
  • B flute
  • 200 lb./square inch (burst strength)

The acceptable kinds of packing materials are:

  • Air pillows
  • Bubble wraps
  • Foam sheets or cushioning
  • Full sheets of paper

On the contrary, these are the prohibited forms of packing material.

  • Shredded paper
  • All types of packing peanuts
  • Crinkle wrap

Shipment Type

There are applicable additional guidelines depending on the type of shipment. Click the links below for your reference.

  • Small Parcel Delivery Requirements
  • Arranging for Less Than A Truckload (LTL) or Full Truckload (FTL) Deliveries to Amazon
  • Shipment Label Requirements
  • Packaging and Prep Requirements
  • Label Products

#10 – Contact Us for your Cardboard Box Needs

Everyone’s been giving a warm welcome to Amazon in the Australian trading sphere especially the local sellers who want to partake in this multi-billion dollar e-commerce industry. The company confirmed through an official statement that they are indeed opening a fulfilment centre in the Pellicano M2 Industry Park. This is a perfect spot providing quick access to Monash Highway, South Gippsland Highway, and Eastlink.

Meanwhile, you may want to decide on the products that you will sell on Amazon and determine the weight and measurement of each type of item. This can help you identify the size and type of cardboard box that you will need for packaging and shipping. By then, feel free to contact us for enquiries about our products and we assure you that we will help you meet the packaging and prep requirements of Amazon Australia.

ecommerce shopping

Item packaging might not enter your mind as the most fundamental part of your sales procedure and delivery of your e commerce item to your customer. With the quickly growing increase of online shopping, packaging is more crucial than you believe.

According to a report by eMarketer, Australia’s overall online sales are anticipated to surpass $32 billion, putting us in the leading 10 around the world.

This expediential development in e commerce is altering the face of packaging and circulation, and your series of line of product of boxes will need you to make sure that you are getting the very best worth for your cash when it concerns volumes for expense structure, stock holdings and shipping expenses.

The best custom-made packaging will likewise guarantee that your items are not provided harmed, conserving you cash on customers return products and your service need to get the additional shipping charges.

Numerous items are distinct in size and weight, medium and little company owner have actually been filling their box space locations with filler which costs cash and likewise contributes to the shipping expense.

By having customised boxes, containers and corrugated boxes developed by Zacpac you can lower the requirement for additional filling, compute shipping expenses for precisely, thrill your consumers with a top quality box that really fits your item and makes you stand apart from the competitors.

Keep in mind to ensure your logo design is on the packaging in addition to your social networks information so customer’s can call you.

Take expert pictures of your top quality packaging and include them to your site, this will likewise motivate more social networks shares and assist increase your distinct distinction over your rivals.

Zacpac is prepared to assist you broaden your e commerce organisation and guarantee your packaging fits your item. Contact us today.

grocery store

Grocery stores offer clear information on how items are to be provided to them and Zacpac has huge experience in making and creating rack prepared product packaging SRP.

Initially presented in Europe and the UK, Australian grocery stores have actually now embraced the practices and if you wish your item to make the racks then product packaging is more vital than you can imagine.

In addition to sellers benefiting, you can likewise benefit as SRP can secure your items through circulation and look great on the rack. Sellers consisting of Aldi, Coles and Woolworths, have actually produced standards on how SRP need to be done– the “five easies”

Coles have actually even supplied a comprehensive Retail Ready Product packaging ToolKit that you can describe for your service and we have actually offered their list of the “Five Easies” listed below for your quick reference:

Five easies

Easy to Recognize

Easy recognition helps the option of the proper item and rotation of stock through the supply chain with specific focus on the circulation centre, back of shop and rack replenishment procedures. Product packaging ought to plainly interact what is inside and help shop consumers determine item in crowded and crowded back spaces.

Easy to Open

The product packaging must help with simpler and quicker replenishment procedures. It needs to allow simple opening in a couple of actions ideally without the help of tools such as knives. The opening procedure need to be user-friendly: shop workers need to have the ability to see how to open, how to use and how to dispose it.

grocery store product shelving

Easy to Shelve

RRP must make it possible for quicker, much faster and easier replenishment procedures than decanting specific item. Without this requirement being fulfilled, the option is not fit for the purpose. The product packaging should be strong enough to keep the stability of the consumer units through the supply chain.

Easy to Shop

The buyer needs to be able to quickly choose and return the item if they pick. The RRP should allow the shopper to quickly determine the brand name, item and alternative whilst not preventing their capability to self-select.

Easy to Dispose

Packaging products picked must be re-usable or recyclable and suitable logo designs ought to be shown on the base panel. For items with numerous product packaging type products ought to be quickly separated for recycling. Product packaging ought to be simple to eliminate and stack from shop aisles.

black gift corrugated box

The corrugated packaging box was commonly utilised for packaging pottery and glass till companies in numerous markets found the substantial advantages of this packaging product.

Today, these boxes are utilised extensively to satisfy the high needs of packaging items that require high safety, particularly throughout transport.

Corrugated containers can be used as packaging boxes, corrugated shipping boxes, corrugated packaging sheets, pizza boxes, sweet boxes, ice cream boxes, strong corrugated boxes, corrugated paper rolls, shoe boxes, car corrugated boxes, duplex container boxes, veggie boxes, paper boxes and food boxes, to name a few.

What is corrugated packaging?

The name ‘corrugated’ originates from the corrugated medium which assists the product’s special strength. It is this strength that makes this product fantastic for delivering items, offering you the guarantee that your items will not get harmed.

Corrugated packaging product has 3 layers of paper. The 3 layers are a inside liner, an outside liner, and fluting that runs in between.

BC flute

Corrugated makers style these boxes particularly for delivering items. The ridges of corrugated packaging boxes likewise come with differing strength levels and versatility.

Corrugated boxes have a style that is pressure resistant and will not be harmed by the pressure brought on by the various sizes and shapes of items being kept in the exact same compartment.

Cardboard Vs. Corrugated Packaging

It’s a typical error to confuse cardboard boxes and corrugated boxes. A lot of individuals utilise the 2 terms interchangeably when referring to packaging boxes, however there’s a substantial distinction between the two.

Cardboard boxes are chipboard boxes and typically used for packaging light-weight items, such food boxes. Corrugated boxes, on the other hand, are much better for delivering vulnerable or much heavier items since they are more powerful, much better at withstanding pressure and more resilient.

It is necessary to keep in mind the distinction due to the fact that when you’re purchasing products to deliver your items in, you require to purchase the best type of packaging for your items. Otherwise, you might get product that will not assist you at all.

The Leading 7 Benefits of Corrugated Packaging

There are numerous reasons that corrugated packaging is the very best choice for anybody who wishes to have optimal security for items that are being transferred worldwide.

From great strength to adequate size, corrugated boxes are the very best for keeping and carrying items stacked on a pallet, and delivering them as a unit load. This storage technique, likewise described as palletisation, makes it simple to deal with loads using fork-lift trucks.

man working with a forklift

It’s an inexpensive storage technique that does not compromise on resilience or quality making sure that items are transferred securely without harming your them.

This is not all you receive from using corrugated boxes. Let’s dive in much deeper into its advantages:

Optimum Protection

The most essential element of shipping items is protection. You do not wish to sustain losses due to harmed items. The type of packaging product you utilise will identify the condition your items will show up in.

Since it supplies an extremely steady cushion for your items, corrugated packaging is the finest alternative particularly for delicate products. This cushion will keep your items safe throughout transport no matter the range, shipping, and even managing. When purchasing corrugated boxes, you can get various sizes and density depending upon how vulnerable the items you’re delivering are.

Avoiding damages, corrugated boxes avoid food items from damage by keeping wetness away from the food items. The 3 layers of paper in corrugated boxes likewise can be found in convenient when transferring items that require to be cooled as they require a double layer of packaging to keep them fresh over long shipping times.

Easy to Personalise

gift box

You can have corrugated makers style customised boxes to totally fit your shipping requirement. They can personalise the density of your corrugated cardboard, include more treatments, coverings, and adhesives to your boxes and likewise make them flame resistant.

Sustainable and affordable

Corrugated cardboard boxes are amongst the least pricey packaging products offered. They are not labor extensive to produce, making them economical. You can likewise fold them back up and save them away for later usage.

Great for Branding

Corrugated packaging products are simple to print on permitting you to include your business branding on them and drive your brand name awareness.

You can market your business using a custom-made logo design, business name in addition to advertising information on the corrugated boxes. Any place you are taking your items, consumers get to see your branding on the boxes.

Since you look more professional, such customised branding is likewise excellent for impressing consumers. You also offer your boxes an individual touch.

They are Biodegradable

Corrugated cardboard packaging is made from in between 70 and 100% recycled product making them among the green packaging products offered.

They are likewise simple to recycle, dispose of and repurpose as most corrugated producers do not use dyes or bleaches, for that reason, making them eco-friendly. Another advantage of corrugated packaging made from recycled products is that they require less energy to make.

They are Lightweight

If your items are heavy you absolutely do not wish to include packaging weight as it increases the shipping expenses.. The charm of corrugated boxes is that they are strong and light-weight. Since they will not be charged additional for shipping and will not have to jeopardise of the security of their items, this makes them really hassle-free for online consumers especially.

going around shelves of boxes

They Are Easily Readily Available

Corrugated packaging products are easily offered and you will not need to have a hard time to discover an excellent producer or a seller. There are many regional business such as Zacpac that offer corrugated boxes at cost effective rates.

When purchasing corrugated packaging, there are a couple of things you need to remember:

  • Purpose: Think about how you mean to utilise the packaging product. Do you wish to just use it for safety throughout transport or would you like to continue using it as storage for the item? Do you wish to use it on various celebrations or merely wish to use it whenever?
  • Type of product: What kind of item will you put in the box? If the item is unusually formed, go for a customised style.
  • The appropriate type of wall: Wall type is everything when it comes to packaging. Pick in between single, double, or tri-wall boxes depending upon how delicate your item is. Single wall provides less cushioning while tri-wall provides the most cushioning.
  • Purchasing packaging products can be a little bit overwhelming however it is very important that you opt for the very best one otherwise you will wind up with harmed products.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed attempting to choose which packaging product will fit your requirements most, do not hesitate to call us and we will help you choose which box is best for your product!

worker doing barcoding for inventory of packages

Barcoding offers numerous benefits to the retail industry such as tracking the movement of items, amongst others. But how has this technology changed the retail industry? Well, barcoding has revolutionized this industry in many ways. In this handy guide, we are have put together some of the ways barcoding has transformed the retail sector. ...

pizza boxes

Corrugated packaging is the first choice for many companies owing to its high quality and ability to hold products of various weight and protect them against moisture. Corrugated packaging is one of the most sustainable packaging solutions you’ll find around.

The packaging industry is constantly evolving and it’s never short of new and improved designs to keep customers excited. 2018 is no different and it comes with a number of key trends in the sector.

Here are 7 inspiring corrugated packaging trends to watch out for in 2020:

#1 – DIY Corrugated Pallets

Many companies especially those in the logistics industry are now more interested in buying pallets that they can easily assemble themselves in their warehouses. This has seen a new trend of do-it-yourself corrugated pallets emerge. This trend is believed to get pretty popular this year.

The advantage of DIY pallets is that they are easy to move around. You only need to assemble them when you want to use them and you don’t need extra tools to assemble them. With DIY pallets you save storage space as you can easily disassemble them and store them away when not in use saving you space.

You now no longer need to rent large individual pallets that are a bit costly and take up too much storage space. Instead, buy the foldable pallets at a much cheaper cost. This way, you don’t have to be at risk of getting stuck paying rent for the pallets forever or being forced to buy the pallets should they get damaged or lost.

#2 – Recycled and Biodegradable Corrugated Packaging

Recycling is a popular practice today and many customers are opting for products that are usable. Consumers are also demanding for products that are manufactured in a manner that adheres to environmental and sustainability requirements.

The corrugated packaging industry is quickly picking up on this practice and we now have many manufacturers concentrating on corrugated packages made of recyclable and biodegradable material. By going green, the manufacturers will not only keep consumers happy but also contribute to the continuous effort to reduce global food and product waste.

At Zacpac quality and sustainability is a priority. We ensure that 85% of our paper is 100 per cent recycled.

chocolate doughnuts in a cardboard box

#3 – Personalised Corrugated Packaging

Brands are now making use of packaging materials to further their brand awareness and advertising efforts. To respond to this need, a new trend of producing personalized corrugated packages is catching on. Brands can now order for packaging material that has personalized messages to engage their consumers and make their brand experience better.

#4 – Corrugated Packaging for the E-Commerce Marketplace

Online shopping is giving brick-and-mortar businesses a run for their money. There is a reported 23% annual growth in online shopping with people spending at least 5 hours every week shopping online. The growth of online shopping has seen the demand for proper shipping packaging go up. 2018 will see more businesses use corrugated packaging in a bid to enhance their customers’ e-commerce experience.

#5 – Corrugated Packaging for Premium Products

Corrugated packaging is highly loved for its high quality and ability to protect products from damage even in the most intensive shipping conditions. While this type of packaging has been more popular among movers, businesses dealing with expensive consumer products such as jewellery, perfumes, and gift boxes are now using them. This is because the packaging will not only be an indication of high cost and quality of the product; it’s light, durable and cost-effective.

#6 – Lightweight Corrugated Packaging

People are now more environmentally conscious and are quick to condemn wastage. This has seen businesses face criticism for the amount of packaging they use in comparison to items being shipped.

Before, Amazon received a huge backlash for shipping a tiny battery in a box that can be used to package a pair of shoes. People termed it a waste of packaging material considering the battery would easily have fitted in the box about 400 times over.

With this in mind, corrugated packaging manufacturers are now moving towards reducing the overall packaging weight by using lightweight boards. This results in smaller packages that are not only cost-effective but also have a very minimal impact on the environment.

The size of the corrugated packaging has, however, not reduced the quality. These packages are still totally steady and secure for any type of use.

#7 – Corrugated Point-Of-Sale Displays

brown boxes on display

Another emerging trend that will be huge in 2020 is the use of corrugated point-of-sale displays by retail businesses. We are now seeing different types of corrugated point-of-sale displays such as a counter display, sidekick display, floor display, endcap display, and pallet display emerge in the market.

More and more businesses are now turning to this kind of displays as they offer high visibility at a relatively lower budget. They can also be easily personalised to fit any brand and can be assembled anywhere.

So there you have it, 7 corrugated packaging trends that you should look out for this year. These trends are a clear indication of the changing consumer needs and at a time when customer satisfaction is at an all-time high, you better make sure you’re not left behind.

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