The Reliable Use Of Corrugated Boxes For Packing Plumbing Parts And Accessories

Proper packing of the plumbing parts and accessories is crucial, especially during transportation. Most of the plumbing products are brittle and would not stand large impacts when transporting. There are so many packing options available for plumbing parts and accessories, but corrugate boxes have been the best option for many.  

Corrugated boxes are widely popular for packing purposes because of their lightweight yet sturdy properties. They are formed by sandwiching arched or fluted paper between liner boards made from heavy papers. You can get a range of these boxes based on their density and thickness properties. 

The choice of corrugated cardboard is determined by the plumbing parts and accessories. These boxes pack anything you can think of, including heavy plumbing products. What matters is the strength and thickness of the box.  

Factor To Consider For Reliable Corrugated Boxes 

There are essential things you need to consider when selecting corrugated boxes for packing plumbing parts and accessories. You need to know the best box that suits the requirements for specific plumbing products. Can the corrugated box withstand the weight of the part and the size? In this guide, we are going to look at some of the main factors to consider for reliable corrugate boxes: 

1. Size 

The length, width, and height of the corrugated box are crucial factors to consider. For the packed products to be safe to carry around, they must adequately fit in the box. Depending on the size of the product, you need to get the correct box size. Make sure you have given the item enough space inside the box as recommended by the manufacturer. A perfect size should keep the product firmly in place inside the box without moving.  

warehouse worker hiding behind a big box

2. Material Quality 

The other thing that to consider is the quality of the material used for the corrugated box construction. The material should be tough enough to withstand demanding conditions. You need to check the edge crush strength of the box. If the box is crushed at a cross-direction angle, can it withstand the fall? That’s why it recommended that you check the corrugated box’s edge crush force to ensure that you are getting the best quality. However, the product to be packed should be the factor determining the quality of the box. 

3.  Burst Strength 

The burst strength of the corrugated box is the strength of the box when subjected to pressure. It is an essential factor as it determines the amount of weight that the box can handle without bursting. Getting this factor right is vital because it greatly determines the weight of the plumbing parts and accessories the box can handle. This will reduce the risk of accidents and damage to the product, especially when loading or offloading boxes. 

4. Water Resistance 

This is crucial to consider for reliable packing of plumbing parts and accessories using corrugated boxes. Water-resistance greatly determines the quality of the box. Water accidents can happen in the warehouse or during transportation hence the need to get it right. If the box is permeable to moisture, it means the plumbing parts and accessories inside it can get damaged. Check the water-resistance of the glue and sealing lines of a corrugated board as well. The higher the water resistance, the better. 

5. Rigidity 

cardboard boxes for assembly at the warehouse

Rigidity is another crucial factor to consider when checking the reliability of the corrugated packing box. The density and thickness of the box are some of the main properties that determine rigidity. Other things will also determine the kind of rigidity you need in the packing box. One of them is the kind of plumbing product you are packing. If the part is delicate and heavy, the packing box should have a higher thickness for better padding. Ensure you have checked the size and the weight of the plumbing part to get suitable rigidity. 

6. Puncture Resistance 

Another essential factor you need to consider for reliable use of the corrugated boxes is puncture resistance. You need to check how much resistance the box can offer to sharp, solid objects. This is very important because the more resistant the box is to the penetration of sharp objects, the better. The puncture resistance property is also determined by the strength and the sturdiness of the corrugated cardboard. There are factors that you need to put into consideration to get suitable puncture resistance. 

7. Chemicals Resistance 

The chemicals resistance is a property you need to check in the corrugation box. This information you can get from the chemical analysis test from the manufacturer. The packed products are always prone to chemicals in the warehouse and during transportation. Some of the harsh chemicals can cause severe damages to the packed parts and accessories. That’s why you need to get the results for chemical analysis to see whether the products can withstand the chemicals they get exposed to. The moisture content and pH of the corrugated cardboard are also crucial factors to check. 

8. Compression Resistance 

The compression resistance is the amount of force that a corrugated box can withstand. It is a very crucial factor to consider. Considering that you will load a number of these boxes on the same vehicle, they will withstand the compression force exerted on them. If you are arranging three to five boxes, the box at the bottom must offer high resistance to the compression force. If not, it will collapse. It is a critical factor because of storage and transportation. 

boxes being moved into a warehouse

9. Paint Durability 

This may not have anything to do with the packed plumbing product, but it’s crucial for display and marketing. The print should last for the longest time possible or until the products get to the customer. Check the method used for printing because it determines the quality of the print. Rub proof test or scuff resistance test is crucial to ensure the print work’s quality and durability. 


Corrugated boxes are the best option for packing plumbing products. However, you need to get quality boxes for reliable plumbing parts and accessories. If you need help, contact these top rated plumber Eastern, Sydney. They have vast experience packing plumbing parts using corrugate boxes.