Carton & Box Manufacturing Design Services

Creating New Concepts to Provide the Best Packaging Solutions

Zacpac provides our customers with innovative, protective and eye-popping packaging solutions designs. Even better, Zacpac designers are doing it in a way that’s increasingly sustainable!

Our design department specialises in conceptualising, prototypes and refining any of your carton requirements including;

  • Point of sale displays
  • Shipper cartons
  • Boxes or food shells

Zacpac graphic artists and designers can create new designs and concepts, with particular care for the customers detailed packaging solutions requirements. The art department is located in-house to ensure that both artwork and printing plate production is completed in a timely manner to meet your most urgent packaging needs.

After many years in the Australian packaging industry, we have developed the expertise to not only design your cartons but assist you in choosing the best practice methods of achieving your packaging requirements functionally as well as visually. We are able to interpret your needs and advise you on the best carton or box type, board grade, adhesive method, as well as special requirements like perforation, zip tear etc. With attention to customers specific requirements your art is proofed and archived to ensure accuracy of both the art content and any revisions made to it to ensure that they are not only meeting your requirements but also tracking your changes.

Your art, after approval is converted to a particular format and is linked to box our manufacturing processes so that the operator who will manufacture your box or carton, can view your art at the machine to ensure accuracy of content and colour specifications.

Zacpac design team can assist you with:

  • Design Proofs
  • Knife Lines
  • Palletisation Specification
  • Computer Aided Design
  • Colour Specification
  • Material Usage

Zacpac artists and designers are not only in tune with the corrugated and printing side of the Australian packaging industry, but also possess strong designing skills that can be used when creating a new design or concept for your product. So whether you use cardboard carton or boxes for promotion, protection, ease of handling or a combination of all three, Zacpac Australian packaging company can provide you with total packaging solutions!