To save you time we have provided answers below to some of the most frequently asked questions by our prospective customers regarding our high quality packaging solutions.

  • Can I see a Representative from Zacpac?

    Our representative will contact you and make an appointment to see you at your most convenient time to come and discuss your requirements.

  • How long does it usually take to manufacture a new carton?

    A new carton, starting from a quote to final delivery if it is just a corrugated carton normally, takes about 3 weeks but can be rushed through quicker in special circumstances. If it is a new litho laminated carton again starting from scratch normally takes about 5 weeks.

    Reorders or repeat orders can be completed in 1 week for a corrugated cartonand 3 weeks for a litho carton.

  • Can I choose my own colour scheme for my carton design?

    You can choose any colours to suit your logo or company image and our in house design team is also able to assist you.

  • Can I get a Sample Carton before I place my carton order?

    We always make a sample of your carton first for you to check and make sure that it does all the things that you want it to. It will not be printed but it will be made of the same board grade or flute that you request and a print proof will also be provided to you to sign and approve so that you can see what it will look like in its final stage.

  • How long does it take to get a Quotation on my packaging requirements?

    It normally takes 24 hours for a regular style carton and 3 days if it is die cut as we design the carton in our design computer for you to proof and when you are happy we will reproduce the same carton every time you place an order for the same item.

  • Which areas in Australia does Zacpac supply its services and packaging?

    We regularly service and deliver on the East Coast of Australia from Melbourne in Victoria to the Sunshine Coast in Queensland.

  • Do you provide Free Quotes for corrugated cardboard packaging and design services?

    Yes all quotes are one of our many free services that we offer.

  • Do you have standard sizes?

    We do not carry standard cartons on floor as we custom manufacture on orders only.

  • If I buy more do I pay less?

    Yes the bigger the orders the cheaper the setting up costs are and therefore the cheaper the cartons become.

  • Is Zapac Eco friendly?

    Yes!  We are very conscious and forward thinking with regards to being eco friendly.

    Our raw materials for the corrugated division are currently running at 93% recycled products.

    All of our goods that we produce are 100 % recyclable.

    We also have an in house water treatment plant with every single litre of water used on our production floor treated to comply with the current discharge requirements and currently we are testing a new system where we will be able to recycle and reuse 100% of our discharge

    Inks in the corrugated section are all water based, safe and not hazardous.

    All our inks, starches and glues (pva based) are all washed up and go through the same water treatment plant