Australian Packaging Companies Seeing the Benefits of Shelf Ready Packaging

Australian packaging company, ZacPac is an expert in Shelf Ready Packaging (SRP) popularly known as Retail-Ready packaging or RRP. This type of secondary packaging offers innovative designs and can be produced faster to assist in marketing and in the developing of a product. This also refers to the preparation of a product so that it can be transported easily to an outlet in a ready-to-sell merchandised unit.

Shelf ready packaging is fast becoming a standard and design teams from several Australian packaging companies like ZacPac are constantly working on new development as this provides better efficiency and various advantages not just for retailers including trimming down waste and increasing shelf restocking.

Why Australian packaging companies and major retailers are considering Shelf Ready Packaging?

As more and more products are being introduced to the market every year, displaying and marketing the products on the shelves is fast becoming a nightmare not just for the retailers but also for manufacturers, therefore, to address this issue, various Australian packaging companies have turned to shelf-ready packaging. Aside from addressing the shelf ready problem, shelf-ready packaging also provides additional protection to one’s product especially those items whose primary packaging is not stable when put on the shelf. Moreover, this innovative packaging reduces the overall packaging and inner carton weights. It also improves brand recall and awareness, not to mention that it eliminates disorder on a shelf and makes it easy for consumers to find the product with results in increased visibility on the shelf and therefore better sales.

Shelf ready packaging also improves in store-efficiency making it easier for retailers to merchandise and display the products which in effect makes it easier for them to manage and see the products.

going around shelves of boxes

Various Australian packaging manufacturers also cited that SRP is easy to dispose of, easy to open and provides easy identification especially for products with numerous stock keeping units (SKU), not to mention how easy it is for outlets to rotate and replenish the display.

Other benefits that SRP gives especially to Australian packaging companies like ZacPac is it requires no additional corrugated case and being fully recyclable which greatly reduces carbon footprints and lesser waste to landfills which is beneficial to the environment.

While a lot of major retailers are already implementing the use of SRP or Retail Ready Packaging, there are still a few who see issues of using SRP. They cited that this packaging when used with packs that do not match with their facing poses problems. It can also block product visibility and selection. Other manufacturers are also wary that some shelf-ready packaging fails to show important details like bar codes, expiration dates and the country of origin imported.

Overall, the Australian packaging manufacturers believe that the benefits of using retail-ready packaging far outweigh its advantages as compared to fast-moving consumer goods that are individually packed. FMCG products that are conveniently boxed in retail-ready packaging get noticed first.