The Top 7 Advantages of Corrugated Packaging

The corrugated packaging box was commonly utilised for packaging pottery and glass till companies in numerous markets found the substantial advantages of this packaging product.

Today, these boxes are utilised extensively to satisfy the high needs of packaging items that require high safety, particularly throughout transport.

Corrugated containers can be used as packaging boxes, corrugated shipping boxes, corrugated packaging sheets, pizza boxes, sweet boxes, ice cream boxes, strong corrugated boxes, corrugated paper rolls, shoe boxes, car corrugated boxes, duplex container boxes, veggie boxes, paper boxes and food boxes, to name a few.

What is corrugated packaging?

The name ‘corrugated’ originates from the corrugated medium which assists the product’s special strength. It is this strength that makes this product fantastic for delivering items, offering you the guarantee that your items will not get harmed.

Corrugated packaging product has 3 layers of paper. The 3 layers are a inside liner, an outside liner, and fluting that runs in between.

BC flute

Corrugated makers style these boxes particularly for delivering items. The ridges of corrugated packaging boxes likewise come with differing strength levels and versatility.

Corrugated boxes have a style that is pressure resistant and will not be harmed by the pressure brought on by the various sizes and shapes of items being kept in the exact same compartment.

Cardboard Vs. Corrugated Packaging

It’s a typical error to confuse cardboard boxes and corrugated boxes. A lot of individuals utilise the 2 terms interchangeably when referring to packaging boxes, however there’s a substantial distinction between the two.

Cardboard boxes are chipboard boxes and typically used for packaging light-weight items, such food boxes. Corrugated boxes, on the other hand, are much better for delivering vulnerable or much heavier items since they are more powerful, much better at withstanding pressure and more resilient.

It is necessary to keep in mind the distinction due to the fact that when you’re purchasing products to deliver your items in, you require to purchase the best type of packaging for your items. Otherwise, you might get product that will not assist you at all.

The Leading 7 Benefits of Corrugated Packaging

There are numerous reasons that corrugated packaging is the very best choice for anybody who wishes to have optimal security for items that are being transferred worldwide.

From great strength to adequate size, corrugated boxes are the very best for keeping and carrying items stacked on a pallet, and delivering them as a unit load. This storage technique, likewise described as palletisation, makes it simple to deal with loads using fork-lift trucks.

man working with a forklift

It’s an inexpensive storage technique that does not compromise on resilience or quality making sure that items are transferred securely without harming your them.

This is not all you receive from using corrugated boxes. Let’s dive in much deeper into its advantages:

Optimum Protection

The most essential element of shipping items is protection. You do not wish to sustain losses due to harmed items. The type of packaging product you utilise will identify the condition your items will show up in.

Since it supplies an extremely steady cushion for your items, corrugated packaging is the finest alternative particularly for delicate products. This cushion will keep your items safe throughout transport no matter the range, shipping, and even managing. When purchasing corrugated boxes, you can get various sizes and density depending upon how vulnerable the items you’re delivering are.

Avoiding damages, corrugated boxes avoid food items from damage by keeping wetness away from the food items. The 3 layers of paper in corrugated boxes likewise can be found in convenient when transferring items that require to be cooled as they require a double layer of packaging to keep them fresh over long shipping times.

Easy to Personalise

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You can have corrugated makers style customised boxes to totally fit your shipping requirement. They can personalise the density of your corrugated cardboard, include more treatments, coverings, and adhesives to your boxes and likewise make them flame resistant.

Sustainable and affordable

Corrugated cardboard boxes are amongst the least pricey packaging products offered. They are not labor extensive to produce, making them economical. You can likewise fold them back up and save them away for later usage.

Great for Branding

Corrugated packaging products are simple to print on permitting you to include your business branding on them and drive your brand name awareness.

You can market your business using a custom-made logo design, business name in addition to advertising information on the corrugated boxes. Any place you are taking your items, consumers get to see your branding on the boxes.

Since you look more professional, such customised branding is likewise excellent for impressing consumers. You also offer your boxes an individual touch.

They are Biodegradable

Corrugated cardboard packaging is made from in between 70 and 100% recycled product making them among the green packaging products offered.

They are likewise simple to recycle, dispose of and repurpose as most corrugated producers do not use dyes or bleaches, for that reason, making them eco-friendly. Another advantage of corrugated packaging made from recycled products is that they require less energy to make.

They are Lightweight

If your items are heavy you absolutely do not wish to include packaging weight as it increases the shipping expenses.. The charm of corrugated boxes is that they are strong and light-weight. Since they will not be charged additional for shipping and will not have to jeopardise of the security of their items, this makes them really hassle-free for online consumers especially.

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They Are Easily Readily Available

Corrugated packaging products are easily offered and you will not need to have a hard time to discover an excellent producer or a seller. There are many regional business such as Zacpac that offer corrugated boxes at cost effective rates.

When purchasing corrugated packaging, there are a couple of things you need to remember:

  • Purpose: Think about how you mean to utilise the packaging product. Do you wish to just use it for safety throughout transport or would you like to continue using it as storage for the item? Do you wish to use it on various celebrations or merely wish to use it whenever?
  • Type of product: What kind of item will you put in the box? If the item is unusually formed, go for a customised style.
  • The appropriate type of wall: Wall type is everything when it comes to packaging. Pick in between single, double, or tri-wall boxes depending upon how delicate your item is. Single wall provides less cushioning while tri-wall provides the most cushioning.
  • Purchasing packaging products can be a little bit overwhelming however it is very important that you opt for the very best one otherwise you will wind up with harmed products.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed attempting to choose which packaging product will fit your requirements most, do not hesitate to call us and we will help you choose which box is best for your product!