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When providing packaging solutions for you or your client’s products it is not always possible or desirable to rely on “theoretic” dimensions and then proceed to specify a carton or box based on the assumption that the carton or box will adequately protect and display the intended product well.

It is advisable to make a sample of the carton or box made so that you can accurately assess the way your product fits and that the style and board grade are suitable, before placing orders for production.

To have a sample made to your specific packaging solutions requirements you must first request a quote and after you are satisfied that it is not only an acceptable price but also reflects an accurate description of your requirements, then we can make a sample to the quoted specified packaging solutions for your product.

Our skilled designers take care to produce a sample to this specification ensuring that the carton or box is “workable” from a manufacturing standpoint and services your packaging solutions requirements. Using our specialised design and sample cutting equipment Zacpac can produce partitions and other fittings for your box also. These can be used to better protect your product and can be supplied as part of the sample enabling you to fully test your packaging ideas before going to manufacture.

Zacpac sample cutting equipment (sized 1800mm x 3300mm) can be used to produce samples and prototypes. Our sample cutter is designed to run more than one job at a time and we therefore can offer rapid turnaround times on quotes and samples. Our lead time for samples is 24hrs for RSC or 48 to 72 hours for die cut styles.

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